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I choose to live a sustainable life.

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising our planet, while giving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

All species including us humans, are facing multiple significant environmental challenges due to choices we have made as humankind in the past 250 years since the first industrial revolution.


We Only Have One Home

Living sustainability is a choice.

Global warming and carbon emissions have caused climate change, pollution, deforestation, impacted air and food quality, increased extreme poverty, created health issues and climate-related events for millions, and created food and water insecurity for billions of people. As humans, we have caused a loss of biodiversity, created sea-level rise, ocean warming, acidification, and species extinction. 

Living sustainably is about making individual daily life-choices that support the health and well-being of all of us and every thing on this planet. We must all become conscious of our choices to equitably balance economic, social, and environmental needs for today's world, and to ensure a better future for current and future generations. 


  • Net zero carbon by 2028

  • A commitment to use sustainable and earth-friendly materials in my art wherever possible through sustainable art practices.

  • Using recycled materials when possible

  • A deep affinity and respect for nature and the environment through my work, to nurture understanding and sustainable life choices with my audiences

  • Sustainable business and shipping practices wherever possible towards net-zero carbon

  • Working with my non-profit to help the world's poorest people move out of poverty

  • Support & alignment with the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign

  • Helping to create entrepreneurs, jobs, and sustainable income for people, families and whole communities through my art and charity

  • A commitment to help rebuild sustainability within our fragile oceans

  • Through Creative Life programs, a commitment to teach sustainability practices and help build more effective leadership to contribute to a better world for this, and future generations

Abstract art

All Lives Have Equal Value.

              I believe that all lives have equal value.


That all men and women are created equal. That everyone belongs. That everyone has rights, and everyone has the right to flourish. I believe that when people who are bound by the rules have no role in shaping the rules, moral blind spots become law, and the powerless bear the burden. … I believe that entrenched social norms that shift society’s benefits to the powerful and its burdens to the powerless not only hurt the people pushed out but also always hurt the whole.”

― Melinda Gates, co-founder The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 


red abstract art


textured abstract art

Live a smaller footprint.

I believe we should all try to live with a smaller footprint, that consumerism should be moderated, we should not strive for bigger, and that we should try to live with low carbon-high sustainability values wherever we can. 

The world is changing, our societal values are changing and it is my hope that I can help influence or motivate people in some small way with my art and my programs to change their thinking to live with a smaller footprint. 

I believe this makes people happier also. 


abstract cat art

A commitment to sustainable art.

I commit to producing at least one sustainable planet art piece each month, with the purpose of creating awareness to the current environmental challenges many of Earth's species are experiencing. 


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