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Peter Ashworth Art	-abstract art ideas-Art prints

I don't have to do this.

I get  to do this. 



I want people to feel something when they experience my art.”


Peter Ashworth is an impact artist whose purpose is to inspire people to feel alive, take them on a journey of transformation, and help them live their best creative lives.


“The greatest human emotion is love.”


He is a creator,  adventurer, ocean sailor, environmentalist, ex-corporate CEO, and life coach whose purpose is to change lives. He is family-focused and also runs a non-profit (Humanity We) to address extreme poverty in small communities around the world. His life purpose is to uplift the lives of others through art, philanthropy, and helping others live better lives.


He believes his art should engage, entertain, and uplift his customers to express their creative nature, to spark their imagination, and their desire to live creatively. He has an attraction to iconic life moments, whimsy and pop culture. He has a keen eye for color, progressive design, and subject matter honed over 30 years as a branding and marketing expert. His art is created to be a centerpiece, an experience, to mentally engage the viewer. He works across six different subject areas, each with a unique purpose of creating life-moment reactions and mental engagement with his viewers in the habitats and environments where his art is located.


“Art can help us make sense of the world by providing us with new perspectives, challenging our assumptions, expressing emotions and experiences, and creating meaning.”

His creative process is designed to inspire self-expression, and he creates art to elicit the viewers' experienced emotions. He believes that art is a positive catalyst for enhancing the well-being of individuals, homes, society, and the environment. Great art helps people to think deeper, feel alive, connect with their true selves, and feel more connected to the world around them. He believes art has the power to heal, inspire, manifest, and create positive change.

'I have a thousand creative ideas new every day, many that manifest into my art.”


Peter Ashworth has been a serial entrepreneur and creative divergent thinker for much of his life, He believes creativity is a gift to us all.  He sees almost all things through a creative lens,... a color, a shape, a combination of things, nature, technology, people, faces. reflections, light, sounds, textures, and art of all forms. His brain works overtime to generate multiple ideas and solutions to any application, often with multiple options. He is often seen writing notes or drawings, and is very open-minded and willing to explore a variety of different possibilities, which he nurtures in himself to constantly spark his creative thinking.


Peter Ashworth Art	-wall art abstract-Modern Art



“Art is personal, and can help us create meaning out of our unique life journey combined experiences.”

Ashworth's art is designed to create a personal visceral impact and emotions. He has a deep love of both humanity and of water, and his paintings are designed to give both impact and intimacy while bringing vitality – a visceral experience within each work. His large-scale canvases are created to give an immersive experience and help viewers connect with their true selves.

Creative Life. #creativelife


He believes that living a life creativity is a life fulfilled with wonder and awe. It is keeping the child in you alive with a sense of adventure, being open to new experiences, staying curious, and cultivating a sense of appreciation for the experiences and moments in the world around you. #creativelife is his hope that his art and his programs will help you live a more interesting, pleasurable and fulfilled life. 

“Feeling alive, through feeling inspired, is my greatest hope I want people to experience from my art.”


His creativity was inspired by his upbringing on a farm in rural New Zealand, where he was transfixed with creative thinking, and the juxtaposition of colors and design. Throughout his life, he has traveled and lived in multiple countries of the world, and in the USA for the past 30 years. For many years he has studied how the brain perceives and assimilates information and experiences (neuroplasticity), and creates understandings and worldviews. He now lives in Southern California, the creative epicenter of the world, where he gets much of his creative ideas and inspiration. In his past careers, he spent many years managing luxury hotels around the world before creating six Marketing and Branding agencies, where he honed his CEO, Consulting, and Creative Director skills in business strategy, creative design, and human interaction – overseeing advertising and storytelling for many well-known global brands and hundreds of SMBs.

“It is difficult to describe my art, but there are some deep consistencies."

It is difficult to explain and sum up the meaning of his work in a short succinct way.  Ashworth’s art is diverse in subject matter, as well as style and technique, but there are consistencies and commonalities. He calls his art ‘impact art’ as it is created to be noticed, to be the centerpiece of a room, to elicit a raw emotion, rather than to be just another element in a space. To hang a piece of his art to match a couch or a color scheme, would be a travesty to him.

“I am a work in progress, determined to create art that truly changes lives."


His hashtag #creativelife is the quintessence of his work and his desire is that buyers would use his work to enhance their lives, to live a more vibrant existence, and that his art will create a space that exudes love and energy. His work juxtaposes the relationships between human awe and unique life-moments with water, nature, fantasy and love, as an inspiration or metaphor for personal transformation, energy, and renewal.


“Science has shown that colors, especially vibrant colors, each have unique frequencies and vibrations of light, that can positively affect the energy and the well-being of the viewer, and of the room.”


His art follows the science that different colors are associated with different frequencies of light, and these frequencies can affect the energy and vibrations within the human body. Each color is associated with a different energy center, or chakra, within the body. By using different colors, it is possible to balance the energy flow within the body to promote healing, peace, and manifestation.

Peter Ashworth Art	-abstract expressionism art-Abstract art



Peter Ashworth Art	-abstract line art-Art commissions


“I want my legacy to be ‘love’, which I push front and center into every moment of my work.”


Ashworth's work is deeply influenced by his personal perspectives, interactions, and experiences traveling the cultures of the world. He shares them through his art, the depth and breadth of his intellectual, creative, and experiential life.


“Feeling creative is one of mankind’s supreme gifts.”


As an artist, he is constantly evolving, growing, and refining his techniques. He believes that art is a deeply personal relationship, different for everyone, and can be a powerful tool for expressing emotions and experiences that are difficult to put into words. Through art, he believes we can explore our emotions, experiences, and ideas, and find connections between them that we may not have otherwise noticed, helping us better understand ourselves and our place in the world.


“Great art must be felt with the heart.” 

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to transformation.”

From an artistic perspective, light and the ocean are a source of endless inspiration and beauty. The interplay of light and water creates an ever-changing canvas of colors and textures, from the shimmering surface of the ocean on a sunny day to the dramatic interplay of light and shadow on a stormy night. Artists throughout history have been captivated by the ocean's beauty, with painters capturing the delicate hues of a sunset over the water and photographers documenting the intricate patterns of light and shadow dancing across the waves. The ocean's vastness and power also inspire a sense of awe and wonder, with artists seeking to capture the majesty and mystery of this vast and dynamic landscape. Overall, the combination of light and the ocean offers a rich and endlessly fascinating subject for artistic exploration and expression.

Peter Ashworth Art	-abstract nail art-Art print




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Experiencing and Being Love, My Wife, Family & Friends, Great Design, Living Creatively, Ocean Sailing, Adventures, Interesting People, Integrity, Making a Difference in the Lives of Others, Seeing Beauty in all Things, Magenta (the color), The Ocean and Water, A Greater Purpose, Grit, Achieving Seemingly Impossible Goals, Endorphins From a Great Workout, and Living my Personal Values.

“Life should be love and wonder.”


Artist Statement

My purpose is to inspire and uplift people to feel alive through my art, to take them on a journey of transformation, and help them live their best creative life.

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