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large abstract wall art-Art prints

World-Class Custom Art
For Interior Designers.

geometric abstract art-Art commissions


abstract canvas art-Art prints

One-Off, Bespoke Art for Highly Discerning Clients. 

Melding Artistry with Space Aesthetics and Ambiance.


Welcome to the Intersection of Art and Interior Design.


As an artist and business person, I will work with you to craft exquisite artworks that transcend the conventional, each meticulously designed and created to seamlessly integrate with the distinct character of a unique space.


I will work closely with you to define the confluence between impactful wall art and interior design. Embark on a journey of curated sophistication where original art becomes a bespoke expression for the most discerning interiors.


As an artist who understands the demanding needs of your clients, I will work closely with you to unravel the nuanced interplay between art and interior design, offering a transformative experience that extends beyond the visual to engage all senses. I will consult with you and help you delve into the captivating realm where artistry meets the meticulous science of interior design and aesthetics – to provide the best outcome for your client.

colorful abstract art-Peter Ashworth Art
Peter Ashworth Art (McCaffrey Residence) - SWIMMER GIRL 1.jpg


Elevating Spaces.

Art Not Merely As Décor, But As The Enchanting Frosting On A Delectable Masterpiece Of Space.

geometric abstract art-Art commissions
1 LOVE + WONDER 2 Peter Ashworth Art.jpg

🔬 The Artistry of Form and Function:

My approach is rooted in the scientific understanding of aesthetics, recognizing that the synergy between art and interior design extends far beyond mere decoration. Each style, stroke, color palette, and design element is carefully curated to harmonize with the principles of proportion, balance, and spatial dynamics, ensuring a cohesive fusion of form and function.

Peter AShworth Art - Interior Design Wall Art.jpg

🎨 Color Psychology and Spatial Harmony:

I will develop art concepts aligned with the intricacies of color psychology and spatial harmony, designed specifically for a unique room, using a scientific approach to select hues and forms that resonate with the intended ambiance of a space. I will collaborate with you to evoke emotional responses, creating atmospheres that are not only visually stunning but also attuned to the psychological impact of color.

✨ Neuroaesthetics in Design:

As a 30 year devoted student to neuroscience, and how humans interact with art, I work within the cutting-edge realm of neuroaesthetics, where art and interior design converge to stimulate emotions and cognitive responses. My art creations are crafted with a deep understanding of how visual stimuli influence human perception and feelings, enhancing the overall experience within a space and promoting a sense of well-being – built around your design aesthetic.

Peter Ashworth Art - Peace of Mind 2.jpg

🎨 Art that Inspires.


One-Off Artistry:

Each canvas is unique, a symphony of form, color, and emotion, meticulously orchestrated to inspire....and resonate with the essence of the space it inhabits.

Peter Ashworth Art - Sir Elton Duck - Interior Design.jpg
geometric abstract art-Art commissions
geometric abstract art-Art commissions
Peter Ashworth Art - Abstract 4.jpg

 *20% Twenty Percent Tax Deductible:

20% of all proceeds from my art go to funding Humanity We, a registered 501.c.3 Charity/nonprofit I founded to help the poorest people & communities on the planet escape generational poverty.


*This enables 20% of the cost of my artwork to be applied in many cases as tax deductible.

Check with your tax advisor. 

Peter Ashworth Art - Life Below.jpg

🌟 Sustainably Crafted Art:

My art is crafted with a commitment to use sustainable and earth-friendly materials in my art wherever possible through sustainable art practices. I have an entire collection dedicated to social impact and our sustainable planet, and have a deep affinity and respect for nature and the environment through my work. My business is structured as a Public Benefit Corporation with the goal of using the business first and foremost to better mankind and planet. 

✨ Tailored Elegance for Every Interior:

Working with me, there are no limits on style, size, palette, or concept. Whether you are looking for abstract art, modern art, sustainable art, portraits, whimsy art, uplifting art, subtle art, food art, landscape art, ocean art, beach art, white art, dark art, or even art that will help create LOVE + WONDER. My art Atelier and portfolio is a testament to versatility, offering a spectrum of styles and themes that transcend the boundaries of most conventional art, and I will deliver artworks tailored to elevate and harmonize with the unique character of each interior space.

Peter Ashworth Art - Lions Mane.jpg

🖌️ Artistry in Collaboration:

Recognizing the significant demands and expectations of the Interior Design world and its discerning clients, through collaborative dialogue I will help you deliver a design-strategy aligned connection between art and space. I will work in tandem with your vision, ensuring that every stroke, every hue, and every nuance coalesces seamlessly into the narrative of the space being curated.

Peter Ashworth Art - 'Love + Wonder.'.jpg
geometric abstract art-Art commissions
geometric abstract art-Art commissions

🌟 Originals, Prints, Limited Edition Series, and Multimedia Art, there is Exclusivity in Every Stroke:

Original art, limited edition art, and the highest quality museum-quality archival prints are all options to ensure that the art adorning your interiors remains as unique and exceptional as the space it graces.

Peter Ashworth Art - Queen Halle Berry 2.jpg

🛍️ Explore this Website for Ideas  – or Contact me to Tailor and Create a Unique One-Off Piece:

Quick Ship Program – Original art, some framed art & most of my prints can be produced after agreement on design – as quickly as in 7 business days - then shipped to your preferred address.


My prices are reasonable, and in some cases I can offer a trade discount, depending on the time and complexity of the art piece.


Indulge your senses by viewing my online gallery, or contact me and let’s work together to provide a world-first unique piece.

Peter Ashworth Art - Small Dog Running.jpg
geometric abstract art-Art commissions

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geometric abstract art-Art commissions
Peter Ashworth Art - Swimmer Girl 5.jpg


Art that feels deeply personal to those experiencing it in their home, reflecting emotions, experiences, and world-views, creating a unique and intimate expression of self-discovery and identity.


Art that captures and holds the viewer's attention, creating a strong emotional or intellectual impact while enhancing a room.

1 LOVE + WONDER 2 Peter Ashworth Art.jpg


The ability to work well together to create a successful outcome.


Art that effectively conveys emotions, originality, creativity, and a fresh approach - breaking away from conventions to offer a new and unique aesthetic experience for the viewer,
and for the space.

Peter Ashworth Art - Peace of Mind 2.jpg
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