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Social Impact
+ Sustainable Planet Collection.


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Social Impact Art

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“I believe creative people; the artists, musicians, poets and the activists, have a critical and important role to play in creating awareness and motivating action towards dealing with the greatest existential crisis and social impact mankind has ever faced - our environment.


Without action right now to move to a new low-carbon and sustainable way of living, our next generations will have a perilous future and we face considerable risk as a species.

– Peter Ashworth


My goal is to make a positive difference in the world. I want to use the power of social impact art to raise sustainable living awareness and drive social change.


Artists have a unique ability to communicate highly complex issues such as climate change and care for the environment more succinctly, because they can use visual, conceptual, compositional, and other sensory elements to create engagement and convey meaning. The symbolism and visual impact of social art can evoke emotions, create awareness, engage multiple senses and use metaphors and symbolism to highlight key ideas in a way that is often more powerful and impactful than words alone.

The earth urgently needs our help. The environment is under threat from human activities such as deforestation, pollution, overfishing, greenhouse gas emissions, habitat destruction, and unsustainable resource consumption. These human activities are causing significant harm to the natural world and are putting many plant and animal species at risk of extinction. Additionally, they are contributing to climate change, which is causing widespread environmental, social, and economic impacts around the world.

Urgent action is needed now, for our future generations. We need to act globally, every person, every family, every household, every school, every town and city, every government, and every country. Because of the highly destructive effects of carbon and pollutants in our atmosphere, our oceans, our land, and all species on earth, we are currently on a self-destructive path to significantly impact our way of life. To do this we need to rethink the way we live, use and interact with every aspect of our planet - and we need to do this now. As a species, we are at a major crossroads. 

My social impact and environmental art allows Peter Ashworth to explore new ideas and concepts, and explore the feelings of the environmental, social, political, lifestyle, and sustainability issues of our times, to enable the experience to connect with these broader cultural movements and explore our place within them. 

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How we spend our days,
is how we spend our lives.

“It’s only one straw,” said 8 billion people.


You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall

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Social Impact + Sustainable Planet 


SERIES INSPIRATION;  Mankind has always been intrigued by our relationship with nature – from its transformative and sustenance-producing qualities and ability to produce joy, to its equally transformative quality of awe, adventure and personal challenge. 

Through my art, I want to explore the relationship between humans and nature. I want to present the essence and beauty of our natural environment along with our extraordinary wild species, isolated in an art piece that individuals can experience through emotions within themselves. Through my art, I want to convey the healing power of nature and our environment and the importance of creating awareness and moments of interaction and reflection amidst the chaotic busyness of our lives.

ABOUT THE SERIES; Our environment is a complex and intricate system that includes all the living and non-living things around us. It encompasses everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink, the food we eat, the ecosystems that sustain all life on Earth, the environments in which we live, work, and play, in addition to the many cultures on Earth that have a deep connection to the natural world and see it as an integral part of their identity and heritage. The environment is also a source of inspiration and creativity for me - and I believe, most humans.

The ability of a human to see the artwork in the context of their uniquely personal values, their care for a better world and the environment, their past experiences, worldviews, and life experiences gives the viewer and the artwork – the ability to become one – providing a personalized and exclusive perception of a piece of art.

WHAT 'IS' SOCIAL IMPACT + SUSTAINABLE PLANET ART?; Art about the environment has been around since mankind discovered the artistic process (cave drawings, etc.) but environmental art is rapidly gaining a mainstream following across the world today, especially in younger generations, as people begin to wake up and fully comprehend the importance of our natural world to our very existence.


Art is about ideas and concepts that we can relate to. The world today is overwhelming and increasingly interconnected and complex, with rapid advancements in technology and communication enabling unprecedented levels of global interaction and interdependence. However, it is also facing significant challenges such as climate change, political and social polarization, economic inequality, and ongoing conflicts, making it a complex and dynamic landscape to navigate. 


People want their art to reflect their values and beliefs, and to express their unique perspectives and experiences. Art has the power to evoke emotions, challenge assumptions, and inspire action, and many artists strive to create work that not only resonates with their own personal truths but also speaks to broader social and cultural issues. From paintings and sculptures to music and film, art has the ability to transcend language barriers and connect people from diverse backgrounds in a shared appreciation of inspiration and creativity.

WHAT IS 'UNIQUE' ABOUT MY SOCIAL IMPACT  ART?; My art is deeply thought about and considered before I even begin a piece. I want the human experience to have high engagement, so I work hard on subject matter, composition, colors, texture and detail. I will often sketch then create a photoshopped digital concept as a part of my preparation. My paintings are designed for high-impact, and typically have many layers, to create depth and hue, to ensure the colors each draw on each other to create a richness and feeling of depth. For this Social Impact & Sustainable Planet Collection, my central theme is our sustainable planet. I want people who have a deep interest in an equitable society and care for our fragile planet tom have a piece of art that closely reflects their personal values, and that will enhance their home. My purpose is not to create a picture of an experience, but to create the experience itself. Through my 30+ years of corporate design, my entire life as someone who cares about the environment, and my years as an artist, I have developed a keen understanding of what the human brain prefers in design and style, something that is able to manifest itself onto my canvas's through my creative thinking and my techniques, honed over many years. Additionally, much of my art is big, so is able to create a real impact, a statement, and a larger-than-life personality to add to a room.

HOW MY SOCIAL IMPACT ART WILL ENHANCE YOUR HOME... AND YOUR LIFE; My art is created to give energy and life to your home. It is also built to reflect your values, and to help you live your best creative life. I believe that color can manifest harmony, healing and dreams. The universe is energy at different frequencies. Love is the highest. My art incorporates colors that will build a foundation of the uplifting energy of love and vibrancy to your home.


Archival-quality, Level 3 professional quality, gallery wrapped, 100% natural cotton, heavy/medium duty, gesso primed canvas.  100% cotton, with acid-free white acrylic gesso, wrapped around all sides, and secured in place on the backside of the 1 ½ inch kiln-dried wooden stretcher bar frame held in place with a flexible spline to create a tight stretch.  I typically use Liquitex Level 3 Professional Grade sustainable acrylic paints, These are thick, high viscosity, pigment-rich professional acrylic colors, with a high concentration of lightfast artist-quality pigment with a satin finish to give a no-fade permanent color. Liquitex products are certified with the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. Liquitex as a company has pushed a net reduction in total CO2 emissions, and aims to be fully carbon neutral by 2030. 

ORIGINAL WORK: My original artwork is one-of-a-kind. My pieces are developed to be collector originals, using high-quality, light-fast Liquitex pigments and sustainable materials that will look good for 50-100+ years in gallery conditions and in no/low direct sunlight conditions. Liquitex paints are mostly all ASTM I or II and are considered permanent and lightfast. 



Each piece can be professionally reproduced on canvas or on various options of paper, in multiple sizes,

My reproductions have several grades of size and quality, but can include museum-quality reproductions durable enough to last for over 100 years. The reproduction process includes UltraChrome HD inks for a wide, rich color gamut range ensuring that the print matches the exact color fidelity of the original piece of artwork. I always do my best to ensure the best materials and reproduction methods to ensure that the reproductions look and feel great, and are true to the original.


I often do commission work, designed carefully and in collaboration with a buyer's specific art preferences, often designed for a specific room or location. Contact me if you are interested in a bespoke, one-of-a-kind commissioned piece for your home or office. 

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THE FOREST IS ALIVE by Peter Ashworth

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'Ocean Deep Mother Care'  

creative life and death drawings


'Ocean Deep Mother Care'


Social Impact + Sustanianble Planet Collection.'


The Whale is a masterpiece of nature, a living work of art that embodies power, grace, and mystery in equal measures. I painted this to commemorate Earth Day, 2023. I had recently returned from a week in Maui, Hawaii, where my wife and I went with a group on a Whale watching boat out into Maalaea Bay. It was a very moving experience, as we were able to see around 30, North Pacific Humpback Whales (Kohola) in the Bay, breaching and swimming on their 3,000 mile, 28 day journey from Alaska to Hawaii that they have been making every year for millions of years. I was able to take many photos both above and below the surface, and found myself completely overwhelmed with the graceful presence and gigantic majesty of the gentle giant of the oceans. I see the Whale as the epitome of what our Earth stands for, a magnificent creature that can inspire awe and wonder in anyone who has the chance to experience it. Its massive body, is bigger than a large school bus, 14–17 m (46–56 ft) and weighs up to 40 metric tons. It's gigantic body is sleek and streamlined, perfectly adapted for life in the ocean, while its skin, a dark and glistening blue-black-white sheen, catches the light and reflects the colors of the sea, creating an ever-changing canvas of blues and greens, speckled with cascading light filtered through the depths.


Archival-quality, Level 3 professional quality, gallery wrapped, 100% natural cotton, heavy/medium duty, gesso primed canvas, with Liquitex Level 3 Professional Grade, lightfast, high viscosity, pigment-rich professional acrylic color paint with a satin finish. 


5' x 4' (154.2 cm x 121.9cm)



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'The Forest is Alive.'  

creative green life


'The Forest is Alive.'


Impact Abstract Series


In the cool, clear depths of the ocean, in a cove close to land, a magical world unfolds. A forest of towering giants rise from the ocean floor, their long, slender fronds swaying gently in the current. The kelp, with its bright green leaves and sturdy stalks, creates a verdant canopy that filters the light and casts dappled shadows on the sea floor below. The forest is alive with movement and sound. The kelp sways in the current like a symphony of violin bows, creating a gentle rustling sound that echoes through the water. Schools of fish drift through the fronds, their iridescent shimmering bodies brushing against the leaves as they pass. Kelp forests are an important source of oxygen for the ocean and help to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The colors of a kelp forest are a painter's dream. The forest is awash in shades of green, from the vivid lime of the new growth to the deep emerald of the mature leaves. The colors are a symphony of hues that create a visual feast for the eyes. It is a place where color and light merge to create a stunning, immersive experience that is both beautiful and awe-inspiringThe kelp's fronds are translucent, allowing the sunlight to filter through and creating a soft, diffused light that illuminates the entire forest.

Interspersed with the green are pops of vibrant red and orange, the colors of the many species of marine algae that thrive in the kelp forest. These colors add depth and contrast to the scene, creating a rich tapestry of hues that is both captivating and mesmerizing.



I'm an archival-quality, Level 3 professional quality, gallery wrapped, 100% natural cotton, heavy/medium duty, gesso primed canvas, with Liquitex Level 3 Professional Grade, lightfast, high viscosity, pigment-rich professional acrylic color paint with a satin finish. 


5' x 4' (154.2 cm x 121.9cm)



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Inspiration for this series.

Impact Art-Abstract wall art

Social Impact + Sustainable Planet Art.

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