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I have 6 different collections (below), each very different, designed for different rooms, places, feelings and needs.

Each of my art collections and pieces is designed to be unique, to engage the viewer mentally, to create uplifting and inspiring emotions, and evoke a sense of wonder and engagement. I want my art to be a catalyst to encourage you to live a rich creative life, your best life... a life of passion and feeling alive - beyond the monotony of daily life...... And I especially want you to experience the feeling of LOVE, which I put into every piece, that will manifest through my art in your home. 


Experiencing art is the beauty of being human, and ART can change the way you think...and the life you live.

art prints-Peter Ashworth Art

Click on the Images Below to Browse My Collections. 

“Art should inspire and create an escape . . . ”.

Art makes us most human.


Experiencing art and creativity is important for experiencing the beauty of being human, creating mental and physical health, and helping you connect to yourself and to a positive world.


Art can change the way you think...and the life you live.

My greatest wish is that experiencing my art will mentally activate your brain....infuse your life with pleasure and a feeling of adventure, to help you feel alive.


Each of my pieces is designed to create in the viewer a sense of beauty and awe, to evoke a sense of wonder and engagement towards emotions that are uplifting and inspiring. I want my art to be a catalyst to encourage people to live a CREATIVE LIFE, the best life of passion and feeling alive - beyond the routine of everyday life, 


My art is carefully thought-out to be innovative, mentally engaging, and thought-provoking. it is built to stimulate creativity and imagination, while fueling uplifting positive emotions like joy, happiness, or exhilaration.


Science has discovered that colors alone can change our lives. Different colors have different wavelengths, which determine their frequency and the way they are perceived by the human eye, can positively affect our lives and have a therapeutic effect on our physical, emotional, and mental health. Different colors are believed to have different energies and vibrations, which can stimulate or calm the body and mind, and promote healing and manifestation, through the Law of Attraction.

My thinking has always been highly creative, and I I believe creativity is a gift we should all embrace. Because I am passionately embraced with creative thoughts of all realms, I paint multiple subject-matter that is near and dear to my personal values and core beliefs, to my many interests, and to my heart. I have created several collections that I hope you will find something that resonates with you, that speaks to your souls, and that creates an excitement and sense of awe when you look at it.


"I consider it my sincere privilege to have a piece of my art in your home, and will do my very best to serve you and help you live a better life through my art and personal programs." 

Why art matters.

paw print clip art-Peter Ashworth Art

Our brain is best when experiencing art.

There is increasing evidence in the field of neuroscience that art enhances positive brain function by impacting creative feelings and emotions, brain wave patterns, and enhancing our nervous system. Looking at art can also raise serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitter levels, increasing our brain's chemical messenger functions.


These benefits occur by experiencing art. Observing art can stimulate the creation of new neural pathways (neuroplasticity) and enhance creativity, mood, energy, and personal motivation. 

In a neuro-study when people viewed art they thought was most beautiful, blood flow increased by as much as 10% to the region of the brain most associated with pleasure (the mid-anterior subregion of the orbitofrontal cortex)   — the positive equivalent to looking at a loved one. 


Art accesses many of the advanced processes of the human brain, such as intuitive analysis, expressivity, and embodied cognition. Art gives us pleasure and makes us at our most human. 


creatively life art

Art helps us make sense of the world.

Art can help us make sense of the world by providing us with new perspectives, challenging our assumptions, expressing emotions and experiences, and creating meaning.


It is a powerful tool for exploring and understanding the world around us.

Creating meaning:

Art can help us create meaning out of our experiences. Through art, we can explore our emotions, experiences, and ideas, and find connections between them that we may not have otherwise noticed. This can help us better understand ourselves and our place in the world.

Expressing emotions and experiences:

Art can be a powerful tool for expressing emotions and experiences that are difficult to put into words. Through art, we can create visual or auditory representations of our feelings and experiences that can help us better understand and communicate them to others.

Providing different perspectives:

Art can provide us with new and different perspectives on the world. Through art, we can see the world through someone else's eyes, which can help us gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, experiences, and ways of life.

Challenging assumptions:

Art can challenge our assumptions and beliefs about the world. Art can confront us with difficult questions, raise awareness of social issues, and expose us to different points of view, which can broaden our understanding of the world and challenge us to think critically about our own beliefs and assumptions.

united artist

Art is deeply personal, and profoundly satisfying.

Ultimately, the personal relevance of art is subjective and varies from person to person.


What may be personally relevant and interesting to one individual may not be to another, and vice versa. However, our universal human desire for creativity, expression, and connection through art makes it an important part of our human experience.


Art can be personally relevant and deeply satisfying in many ways. It can provide a sense of comfort, relief, and peace, and can help individuals to process complex emotions and experiences, and to connect with feelings they might otherwise have trouble connecting to in our modern, hectic life-pace.


It can evoke emotions, spark imagination, stimulate critical thinking, and inspire personal reflection.


Art can provide a means of self-expression and help individuals to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and experiences to others. It can also serve as a way to connect with others and build social relationships based on shared experiences and interests.

creative artist

Art makes us better humans.

famous artist

Art has the potential to make us better humans.


Art can help us develop empathy and understanding for others by providing a window into different perspectives, experiences, and cultures. Through art, we can gain insight into the emotions, struggles, and joys of others, and learn to appreciate and respect their differences.


Art encourages creativity and innovation, fostering a sense of curiosity, exploration, and experimentation. By engaging in creative activities, we can develop problem-solving skills and expand our capacity for imagination and innovation.

Critical thinking:

Art can help us develop critical thinking skills by challenging us to question assumptions, analyze different viewpoints, and evaluate evidence. By engaging with complex and challenging artworks, we can develop our ability to think deeply and critically about important issues.


Art can help us develop self-awareness and reflection by providing a means for introspection and self-expression. Through art, we can explore our own emotions, experiences, and perspectives, and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.


Art can bring people together and foster social connections and community. Through shared experiences of art, we can develop relationships and connections with others based on shared interests and values.

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